Guest Walkers

This lifetime mission is not an exclusive club. Friends and family can join us for as long or short a time as they wish. This is not a solo venture – companionship is the key.

Below are the lovely people that have accompanied us so far.

Kazza Headicar, an old friend and keen walker, joined us on our first installment and had a good time despite the driving wind and stinging hail.


Matt Hood, Barbara’s partner and marathon runner, trudged around the mainly coastless coastal path of the northern end of the Isle of Wight with us.


Stuart Crowgey, an old friend who we persuaded to bring his family camping on the very cold Easter weekend of 2015. Stuart’s more of a cyclist but was a sturdy all day walking companion for a windy April wander.


Mylo Chamberlin, Barbara’s son. At the grand old age of 9, he started walking with us and became the youngest guest so far, managing an admirable 9 miles on his first outing with not a moan and many a steep hill.

Obi Carter, Nancy’s oldest son. Obi wore his new steampunk glasses for the entirety of his first 9 miles and leapt up steep escarpments with nothing but socks, like an enviable mountain goat.

Jay Crowgey-Halsall, Stuart and Selina’s son. He has always been happy to go on a dog walk since he was small and still ambles along happily as a teenager.

Selina Halsall-Crowgey, another old friend. She came with us on the final morning for a little stroll from Lulworth to Durdle Door and back. Her knees are not much cop for walking any more, but she created a marvellous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in our tent whilst we were out.


Ben Carter, Nancy’s husband and another knee casualty. I’d love for him to be able to walk for further but I know there’s a definite limit. He has always been the best support team any walker could want. He’s now done a full walk to the right and is up for another one this weekend. 2019 is clearly the walking year for Ben.


Louis Carter, Nancy’s second son. Louis got the 6 mile end of the Easter three dayer and was brilliant company. Like his brother, he leaped about like a mountain goat – so probably ended up walking twice as far as us. Louis’ unique selling points as a guest walker so far are: the only guest to have walked in crocs and  the only guest to have walked past an Olympic water sport venue (Weymouth).


Elizabeth Hood, Matt’s daughter, needed a little persuasion to join us as she had a ton of homework, but was coerced into a couple of miles! She can be seen second from the left in the group shot at Beer.


Tom Hood, Matt’s son. A keen sportsman but as we discovered, a few miles into a nine mile walk, had never walked further than 4 miles. Despite a sore foot near the end he was a stoic companion.


Biba Carter, Nancy’s daughter. She is not known for her quiet fortitude but showed hidden depths when she not only carried on in spite of a wet wellie but also demonstrated kindness and thoughtfulness for her fellow walkers when they were struggling.


Nelle Crowgey Halsall, Selina and Stuart’s daughter – mini but with a mighty perseverance and good humour. She taught us that emergency suncream should be available even when the forecast is dire.


Jess, Tallis and Oggy – Barbara’s oldest friend and our superstar Cornish hostess, her mighty son and their scrumptious lurcher.


Amelie, Nancys’ neurotic lurcher has finally after all these years and walks made it onto the list (she’s not good at travelling, nor very good with strangers but close to home, sea to the right she trotted on in).


Ollie Murphy, one of Louis’ friends came on holiday with us all to Devon for a windy week in August 2019. He fitted right in with the usual crowd and was more than happy to come along for a short walk around Clovelly.


4 Responses to Guest Walkers

  1. If the company of a local walker who knows the coast path well would be useful I’d be delighted to join you for a day or two when you reach my part of Devon.
    I’m currently walking the South West Coast Path in sections
    In 2010 I did something completely ridiculous, my first ever long distance walk of any kind was a solo end-to-end 🙂

    • babsandnancy says:

      What a lovely offer Gary. From looking at your blog, you come from Exmouth so when we get closer (probably next year) I’ll get in touch. However, having a quick scan of your amazing end to end of the country walking feat I hope you wouldn’t mind restraining your pace when with us as we tend to only walk about 3 miles an hour and average between 13-16miles. We may be slightly younger than you but we both have dodgy knees! Mine is a consequence of completing the Sussex Downs Oxfam Trailwalker a couple of years ago. 60miles in 28hours of constant rain (even with training) has had long lasting impacts. Heh ho
      Thanks again for the offer and hope to meet you in the next year or so.

      • Sounds great. If it happens I’m fully expecting to fit in with your pace and daily distance. I’m already finding myself slowing down and enjoying the scenery a bit more these days anyway. You’ve got much wonderful walking ahead, I’ll be following your progress with interest. Have fun 🙂

  2. babsandnancy says:

    Thank you. We will. The next walk is less than a couple of weeks away.

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