The very loose rules

The general gist? One step at a time, whenever we can and for as long as it takes. Good times, bad, hail, sun, wind or snow (well, within reason…). This is about friendship and a way of ensuring a good one lasts a lifetime.

The starting point for each walk needs to be the end of the last, creating a continuous loop around our island home.

The sea stays to the left.

We are heading westwards and on from there. We will stick to the coast as closely as possible but it needn’t be slavishly followed. There will be times when ferries make for more realistic progress (and cut out undue walks round industrial estates or inlets adding days on to an already vast journey). In which case, we will take them willingly.

Unless time and tide dictate otherwise, Nancy does the maps. Don’t be fooled by the glasses, that lady is gooood!

At no point should this endeavour be taken too seriously, only just enough to get us walking. Always a pleasure, never a chore.

And last but most importantly it’s all about the process not the product. What we see, learn and discuss on the way is what it is all about rather than the necessity to finish.

2 Responses to The very loose rules

  1. Can’t wait for time to experience the process and keeping it on the left. Jo X

  2. babsandnancy says:

    Well we’ve had to deviate from that core rule and are now 2 walks in going the other way with the sea to the right – it’s not pure, but needs must……

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